sofia samatar, “skin feeling”

sofia samatar, “skin feeling” (originally published on the new inquiry, sep 25, 2015) What it is to be encountered as a surface, to be constantly exposed as something you are not. 1. POOR ROBIN In a moment of crisis, Charlie “Bird” Parker stripped off all his clothes. The episode followed a disastrous 1946 recording session […]

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rosaura sánchez, “ethnicity, ideology, and academia”

excerpts from rosaura sánchez, “ethnicity, ideology, and academia” in the american review 15.1 (1987); cited from the version included in the chicana/o cultural studies reader, ed. angie chabram-dernersesian (2006) “For some of us [ethnic studies] suggested a counter discourse, outside the dominant cultural practices, yet ironically within the very structure of an ideological apparatus of the state, the […]

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dylan rodríguez, “racial/colonial genocide and the ‘neoliberal academy'”

excerpts from dylan rodríguez, “racial/colonial genocide and the ‘neoliberal academy’” in american quarterly 64.4 (2012), special issue “left intellectuals and the neoliberal university” “My place of employment reflects how the U.S. academy remains constituted by its gendered racist, apartheid, colonial foundations. As several students and colleagues remind me, the desecration of Indian burial grounds has guided […]

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tamura a. lomax, “black women’s lives don’t matter in academia either”

tamura a. lomax, “black women’s lives don’t matter in academia either, or why i quit academic spaces that don’t value black women’s life and labor” (originally published on the feminist wire, may 18, 2015) On May 14, 2015 I resigned from my job as a part-time Visiting Assistant Professor at a university. For three years […]

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craig steven wilder, ebony & ivy

craig steven wilder, prologue to ebony & ivy (originally published on democracy now, oct 29, 2013) Excerpted from Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities by Craig Steven Wilder. Copyright © 2013 by Craig Steven Wilder. With permission of the publisher, Bloombsbury Publishing. Prologue: A Connecticut Yankee at an Ancient Indian […]

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