barrio logan: racial geographies

january gathering @ barrio logan, san diego (jan 9-10, 2016)

Jeannette Ibarra Shindell , Re/Generation Barrio Logan: A Place-based Audio Tour of Transitions and Continuities from 2007-2013 (2014).

I. Environmental racism/naval base military industrial complex/the defeat of Props B & C (2014)
Barrio Logan – Environmental Health Coalition
Debate over Zoning Puts Barrio Logan at Center of Turf War,” KPBS, 17 Sep 2013.
Barrio Logan Artivists Say ¡Basta! to Pollution,” La Prensa San Diego, 30 May 2014.
Varrio Si. Yonkes No!” mural in Chicano Park (1977)

II. Gentrification
Save Our Barrio Coalition
Ernesto Bustillos, “Gentrification Is Nothing but a Form of Genocide and Destruction of Our Culture!,” Save Our Barrio Coalition, 7 Jan 2010.
Barrio Logan and the Struggle to Preserve a Neighborhood,” San Diego Mexican & Chicano History, 8 Nov 2011.
What’s Next for Barrio Logan?,” San Diego Union-Tribune, 29 Mar 2015.
The New North Park,” San Diego Union-Tribune, 22 Nov 2015.

“varrio si. yonkes no!” mural (1977) at the chicano park

III. Chicano Park
The History of Chicano Park
The History of Chicano Park: Commemorating 35 Years of Struggle, 1970-2005,” La Prensa San Diego, 15 Apr 2005.
The Battle of Chicano Park: A Brief History of the Takeover,” Chicano Park Steering Committee.
Kevin Delgado, “A Turning Point: The Conception and Realization of Chicano Park,” The Journal of San Diego History 44.1 (1998).


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